Robert Oink

Quite frankly, this might be a modern twist on a story about a big bad wolf and three little piglets living in a poorly constructed houses.
But I am not a drama queen. Not that it is bad to be one, I’m just not.
I’m a simple fellow, born and raised in the liberty of countryside.

I spend my days bathing in the pleasures that comes with ultimate laziness.
Plenty of eating and running around the yard under the sky of always shifting seasons. My evenings are filled with well-deserved rest laying cosy together with my buddies.

That’s when I allow my philosophical thoughts run wild and free.

You see, I am the thinker in my family. The smart one.
My family is something you would call “too big to handle”.

My dad used to call us Royals because there is no clear definition of who is or is not a member of our enormous family. We have cousins, uncles, brothers and sisters all over the world at this point so it’s impossible to maintain our family tree in perfect order. It does not help that we have great genes which makes us all look like copies of each other.

You probably know and have already met some of us. You might have been introduced to some of my relatives, seen us in the posters on streets of your hometown.

Some of our body parts for sure!
My opinions though – not so popular.

My name is Robert Oink.

But you can call me Bob.

And what is all this?
It’s just a pig’s opinion.