This is a story of being a vegan.

This is a story of becoming one on your own terms.

This is a story of supporting those who already are vegan.

This is a story of inspiring to do better.

I am repelled by the thought that one might be pushing me to be and act like someone I am not, saying that I am wrong and that I don’t understand.
I don’t like to be shamed or forced to watch dreadful and violent content.
It just makes me want to look away, ignore the problem and sneak back in my bubble of perfection.

But that is not who I am.
I actually do care a lot and worry about our planet and our animals in all their forms and sizes. From time to time, I just need a positive reminder – care more, make better choices.

This is where Bob comes in.
Bob Oink is a reminder - always strive to be better!

He never gives you instructions, never points to the right direction, never whispers the right answers. Bob gives you a food for thought. Processing and decisions – that’s all up to you!

Don’t look at Bob Oink’s products like they can be used and worn only by the people who choose not to eat animal products and are 100% vegan.

See Bob as your positive reminder and a friend who tells you: “You are doing a great job today by eating less meat than yesterday!”.

By wearing Bob Oink apparel You are helping Bob to spread the positive energy, the message and the motivation to be better!

If this all helps someone in their journey to become vegan or vegetarian – great job and team effort!

And don’t forget to share it with Bob – he will love to hear that!