Luca Story | By Bob Oink

Everyone knows that one guy who creates buzz around him wherever he goes.
He is loud, friendly with everyone and always up for a good time.
He cracks awkward dad jokes and makes everyone contagious with his own laughter.
He tells magnificent and unbelievable stories from his life whenever he gets an audience.
My cousin is exactly like this. I love him! 
Born and raised in Italy and molded by its culture, nature and beauty – that’s his signature.

The accent, the moves, the taste!
The taste of life!
He is a man of company, living in crowds for years, shoulder to shoulder with all his loyal buddies.
That is where the stories come from.
Recently he moved in with us. And well – he gets a lot of attention around here.
I know that he is being idolised by plenty of us.
He seems happy about his life here and being a superstar certainly suits him.
His name is Luca. But they call him Prosciutto. 

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